v1.0.5 released – new look + dark mode


Version 1.0.5 of Medication Timer is currently rolling out on both Android and iOS. Here's what's changed!

New look!

All screens have been completely redesigned to be easier to read, use your screen realestate more effectively and just look soooooo much better!

Dark mode is here

Many people now prefer dark mode views and so as part of our updated look Medication Timer now supports a beautiful dark mode - perfect for when you're entering medications and temperature readings at 2am in the morning!

By default Medication Time will do its best to automatically set the mode based on your device's own dark mode or theme settings. If you would prefer to manually set dark or light mode you can do so in your profile.

Better performance & responsiveness

Medication Timer has some performance issues on some devices, this was largely due to the way that it was handling loading screens when you had no timers or temperature readings.

Things should now feel must more "snappy" and responsive now, but if you still have issues I'd love to hear about it so I can continue to make improvements.

Better offline support

Medication Timer has been updated to better indicate when a connection to our servers in unavailable. If you have recently logged in you can even continue to log your medication intake and temperature readings and they will synchronise when you are online again.

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