"When did I give them that medicine?", "What was their last temperature?" - These are things that I was asking myself recently when my son had a bad fever. I ended up taking notes on my phone to help to manage his fever and associated medications and temperature readings but it was very stressful at 2am when he was so hot and we weren't 100% sure of ourselves.

Medication Timer is an ad-hoc medication timer and temperature tracking app that will help you to have visibility of and manage your family when they are unwell.

Using Medication Timer you will be able to;

  • Manage family & medication
    Manage your family and their ad-hoc medications such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen
  • Set medication timers
    Create and view timers for your family members' medicine intake to better plan your administration and be confident that you are not under or overdosing
  • Monitor temperature readings
    Add temperature readings and track symptoms to view your family's 24hr trends
  • Share family data (coming soon!)
    Share family, medications, timers and temperature readings with family members
  • Share doctors reports (coming soon!)
    Share family member medication and temperature history with medical practitioners easily

This is a free app to use and current features will remain so for the life of the product. We may introduce in-app purchases in the future for premium features.

IMPORTANT: This app is no substitute for medical advice. If your family member is unwell you should seek medical attention as soon as possible!