v1.0.4 released – application methods, elevated temps & new symptoms


Version 1.0.4 has been released on the app stores and there's some interesting features in there!

New symptom

You can now track rashes as part of the symptom tracking and symptom cloud features.

Assign application methods to medications

You can now assign an application method to your added medications. Application methods include; dropper, inhaler, lotion, syringe, syrup or tablet/pill.

Applied application methods will appear on your timers to better indicate the type of medication that your family member took.

Capture medication dosage per timer

When you have selected a medication with an application method; in most cases we will also prompt you to provide a dosage in; tablets or mL.

This is just another way that Medication Timer provides you with critical information so that you can treat your family's fevers etc.

Set an elevated temperature level for each family member

What is considered an elevated temperature will depend largely on the person and the means that the temperature is being captured. For this reason we have moved away from defining an elevated temperature level on your behalf.

Now you can set your level for each family member individually and the temperature readings will display as red only when that family member has an elevated temperature level set and their current temperature is higher.

The final feature that was added in v1.0.4 is not actually available as yet. We have built in i18n support, meaning the apps now support the ability for multiple languages. While this is cool, the only language we current have accurate translations for is English so you cannot currently switch to any others. If you would like to have your language added to the app, please complete the below form and we can work on it!

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Would you be interested to help translate the app?

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