Stress-free medication timers and, temperature and symptom tracking

For families who want to manage fevers or other symptoms safely and effectively

Introducing medication timer

Why use Medication Timer?

Track when medications are taken and when it is safe to administer the next dose

Add medication timers to see when it is safe to administer the next dose, as well as, how many doses you have administered over the past 24 hours

This allows you to make the best decisions for your family's medication intake without fear of overdose or under-dosing 


Record and view temperature readings across the entire family

Record temperatures and symptoms and see 24 hour trends for your family in an easy to understand view

This allows you to see how well you are managing your family's temperatures and whether your dosage is effective in managing symptoms


Manage your family, set relationship and colours to distinguish family members easily

Create your family and ensure that each family member has a unique colour and distinguishable icon

This allows you to quickly identify the family member who has taken medication or had their temperature read.


Add your family's medications and their frequency to allow tracking of 24 hour intake requirements 

Add any medication or vitamin with the accompanying dose regime, including maximum intake instructions.

Medication Timer will provide warnings and notifications for when it is safe to administer further doses or if the maximum 24 hour intake has been reached


lets get started with your medication timer now!

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What is medication timer? 

Medication Timer is an app available on the Apple App Store, Google Play or via the web app at and was developed to reduce the stress associated with managing a child's fever.

My son, Jaxon Alan recently picked up a bad bug while travelling to visit my sister in Sydney. Thankfully it was not COVID but by day 3 we were all sick and his fever was consistently high. The stress of dealing with my son's fever while also being sick; it felt like we were dancing on the line between over and under dosing him; and it was not a pleasant feeling. I was using my phone's notes to track medications and temperature readings and there were times when I was not confident in my own ability to enter the information correctly because I was not 100% myself.

That is why I developed Medication Timer; it helps parents (but also anybody) to manage their children's fever and other illnesses by;

  • Tracking medication intake and showing a simple countdown timer that tells you when you can and should administer another dose safely. No more over-dosing and also no more under-dosing, where your child is in pain because you can't remember exactly when you gave them their last dose. Further, Medication Timer will keep a track of your child's 24hr intake of medications as well.
  • Tracking temperature readings and symptoms over 24hrs to show trends and the effects of your medication intake

This allows you to make the best decisions for your family and their health!

Does medication timer provide medical advise?

Short answer; NO!

Long answer; we do not and will not ever provide medical advise. If you are unsure, if your child's health has not improved through your usual methods then you should 100% seek medical attention.

why is medication timer free?

Well, Medication Timer is free currently because I think it's a valuable tool for parents and families and wanted to make it as available as possible to those who need it. I do have some ideas for "premium features" in the future but the current feature set will always be free.